Hello world!

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damn you first post…

ok, let me start a little story, it’s been 2 years since i have my own domain and host, paid it for two years just for idling over the internet (not really, i have a blueprint apps hosted here for ID yahoo mobile dev award on 2009), lately i’ve been thinking a lot, and i made up my will to continue developing my site, which i consider:

  1. this site will keep me well trained… (hopefully ^^)
  2. this blog can be my archive / journal / diary whatever you say it, and importantly will be archive of some of my thought
  3. everyone have their own life story, i decided to share mine too, this blog i hope is where i can learn to be sincere to myself
  4. lately i feel i started to get fatter, and less things i want to do, i become lazy and lazier, last year when i come to this company (which i work at now), i can see the danger of ‘comfort zone‘ in career, which i believe i was quite near there now, sooo, to keep me right on track where i should be, this site development is a great idea :)

2 years ago i was active in web development, but it’s kinda different now, since this last year i’m not developing any site, i barely touch any php or html codes, this makes me confused where to start right now, i have so many list to be done, so i think it’s better for me to write it down here, so it will reminds me every time i open it again

to-do list:

  1. make your own damn theme!!! (i think i’ll have budi help me)
  2. integrate it with the main site, i aim primary site for manual development and rnd for new web technology i want to try
  3. make my own personal site, a portfolio or whatever, using cakephp or codeigniter, html 5 and css 3, woghh sounds perfect…

nah i think it’s just a little for now, i’ll update this post once anything comes to my mind or something accomplished