iOS ported to samsung tablet?

i just read about samsung’s transparent and foldable display @engadget, that i found something interesting in their image gallery… the first time i saw, i didn’t notice something strange with it, until i notice this is samsung’s page, so how i can found iOS UI in this gallery?? it supposed to be android UI, i take a close look again and notice, hey it have the same interface as my ipod touch 4g!!!

this supposed not to be happened, i come to 2 possibility in my mind:

  1. that samsung tablet is showing image gallery / video of iOS screen shoot (which is possible to be happening)
  2. iOS is really ported to that samsung tablet!! (this one is almost impossible to be happened)

since i always getting myself close to iOS jailbreaking information, and up till now, haven’t ever heard any project about porting iOS to another device can be done (but let me know if i’m wrong ok?). why? iOS is simply build by apple internally, and it’s closed source, you’ll never ever get the source of iOS unless u’re and iOS developer, even that u’re an iOS developer doesn’t meant that you can get the source easily, apple should have a good team project management policy, i’m sure they won’t let something like that happened. so what is really happening to this samsung tablet? no one knows…

By Robby

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