Firefox 4 save session on close

Firefox 4 on Windows 7
Firefox 4 on Windows 7

(should be 22 March 2011 09.00 PM at GMT-5 US) i got FF4 on my work notebook, HP Probook 5220m, i get it from engadget article, before the actual release date. first impression is awesome, this is the version of FF i love the most, compact UI, larger screen for content, and even better HTML5 and javascript engine.

i get it on all my machines as soon as possible, that count as XP on ThinkPad T61, Ubuntu 10.04 on ThinkPad T61 and Windows 7 on Probook 5220m, another feature that i love is the sync, it’ll sync bookmark on all my firefox browsers on all machines, including preferences and tabs, i hope it include add-ons too later :)

Closing FF4but something different, when closing FF4 by default it won’t ask you to save current session or not, it only gives warning to close multiple tabs, i love that features, and i want it back! so here’s how, type


to address bar, and click on I’ll be careful, I promise! and make that promise to yourself not to change whatever in it randomly, be warned, take your responsibility if you do. and type this to the filter

and double click on the browser.showQuitWarning parameter, that should change the value to true, and the browser will ask to save session every time it close again. that’s it

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