wordpress permalink best practice?

i’ve been struggling with this setting for a few hours!! after reading alot of reference from permalink documentation page and crosscheck it with SEO objective…. i ended in this conclution: “a blog can’t be a perfect SEO-ed site”

here’s why? when i search google for “something you” the best SEO-ed URL result for this query is this at the moment”


Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

damn you first post…

ok, let me start a little story, it’s been 2 years since i have my own domain and host, paid it for two years just for idling over the internet (not really, i have a blueprint apps hosted here for ID yahoo mobile dev award on 2009), lately i’ve been thinking a lot, and i made up my will to continue developing my site, which i consider:

  1. this site will keep me well trained… (hopefully ^^)
  2. this blog can be my archive / journal / diary whatever you say it, and importantly will be archive of some of my thought
  3. everyone have their own life story, i decided to share mine too, this blog i hope is where i can learn to be sincere to myself
  4. lately i feel i started to get fatter, and less things i want to do, i become lazy and lazier, last year when i come to this company (which i work at now), i can see the danger of ‘comfort zone‘ in career, which i believe i was quite near there now, sooo, to keep me right on track where i should be, this site development is a great idea :)